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Our boiler repair services are designed to offer you a fast, efficient and reliable solution to any boiler problems that you may have. However, to reduce the need for boiler repairs, you should consider getting your boiler regularly serviced. Regular boiler servicing has numerous benefits. Firstly, many manufacturer’s guarantees stipulate that the boiler must be regularly serviced. Therefore failing to get your boiler regularly service could void you boiler’s guarantee. Regular servicing of your boiler will also help to ensure that it is performing properly, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and increasing the lifespan of the boiler. When servicing a boiler, we ensure that it is running at the optimum levels, and check that it is not emitting any dangerous gases. We also check the boiler’s safety devices, helping to ensure that boiler continues to run safely. A regularly serviced boiler will also run much more efficiently, helping to save you money. If you are experiencing issues with your boiler, you’ll want to find a reputable, affordable and competent engineer to resolve the problem. That’s where Boiler Fix Specialists Ltd comes in.


When you notify us of an issue with your boiler, we’ll do all we can to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem, so that your boiler is running normally as soon as possible. Our boiler repair services are well known throughout Skelton, due to our excellent customer service, and fast response. With over 40 years of combined experience, we are well equipped to repair oil, natural gas and LPG boilers; as well as providing services for fires and warm air units. We also complete CP12 Landlord Safety Inspections for landlords and letting agencies.


We believe communication is important. That’s why after identifying the problem with your boiler, we’ll discuss the solution with you, providing transparency on the associated cost; so you’ll always know where you stand. While many engineers use their knowledge and expertise to justify high prices, we always try to offer fair and affordable prices, and we won’t use unneeded parts to inflate the price of the service. Our knowledge and experience means we’re capable of handling boiler repair for many boiler problems, such as:


  • Boiler pressure problems
  • Failure of the motor
  • Valve related issues
  • Faults with the thermostat
  • Problems with ignition
  • Leaking pipes


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