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To reduce the need for boiler repair, it’s always best practice to ensure that your boiler is regularly serviced. This will ultimately help to reduce the chance of breakdowns. Servicing also helps to ensure that the boiler is running at the optimum levels and not emitting any dangerous gases. Getting your boiler properly serviced will help to ensure that your boiler is working effectively and efficiently. When servicing your boiler, we also make sure to test the appliances safety devices, to safeguard you and your home from any boiler related issues. If your boiler does break down, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Boiler Fix Specialist Ltd should be your first call!


We respond quickly to help you get your boiler running perfectly in no time; providing reliable and effective boiler repair services across Saltburn and surrounding areas. Our knowledge and experience in the industry allows us to competently repair natural gas, oil and LPG boilers. We can also service fires and warm air units. We’ll always try our best to fix your boiler in one visit, however if additional parts are required, it will take a little longer. We will always keep you updated throughout the process. Our experience of the industry and knowledge of the appliances allows us to provide fast and efficient boiler repairs, resolving problems such as:


  • Pipe leaks
  • Issues with ignition
  • Broken thermostats
  • Issues with valves
  • Motor failure
  • Problems with boiler pressure


Issues with your boiler require a technical understanding of the boiler itself to first realise the problem, and then take the correct course of action to rectify the issue. Because of this, a lot of engineers will charge high prices to fix your boiler. Some even adding unnecessary parts to further inflate the cost. Boiler Fix Specialists Ltd provide an affordable rate, so that a boiler issue doesn’t turn into an expensive nightmare.


You should be aware of the terms and conditions of any guarantee on your boiler, as some guarantees are only valid if the boiler has been regularly serviced.


Boiler Fix Specialists Ltd also complete CP12 Landlord Safety Inspections for letting agencies and private landlords.


To find out more about the boiler repair services offered by Boiler Fix Specialists Ltd across Saltburn, contact us today.

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